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updated 5/10/2022 (May 5th, 2022)

i. general

> I accept commission requests through Twitter DM
> Any ill behaviour towards me or my art style will not be tolerated and your commission will be cancelled.
> I, the artist, reserve the right to reject a commission(s) that cannot be completed to a satisfactory standard.

> Client understands that there is no physical item associated with this transaction. The final work will be sent via email or Discord

ii. payment

> Transactions will be through PAYPAL or STRIPE invoice.
> Payment will be USD for PAYPAL transactions, if STRIPE, CAD.
> All commissions must be paid ONCE I send the sketch(es).
> FULL PAYMENT must be paid and cleared before files are sent.
> An invoice will be sent to you once we have both agreed on the price and commission details.


> In the case where I have not started your commission within 3 months after payment, you are able to ask for a full refund.
> If the invoice isn't paid for 2 weeks after it was sent, I will increase the price by 30%. If it isn't paid in 3 weeks, I'll cancel the commission entirely.
> If the money has not been sent out, the commissioner has all the right to cancel the commission.

If you file a charge back against me, your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted
> You will be banned from commissioning me ever.
> I will publicly notify any commissioning artists to watch out for you.
> I have every right to file a complaint and will have all the right to the money you have sent me.

iv. permission/copyright
> Emote commissions MAY be used for profit in the form of subscriptions.
> Emote commissions MAY NOT be resold to a third party.
> Emote commissions MAY NOT be printed or sold as merchandise. Please contact minky at for commercial inquiries.

> I, the artist, hold every right to any art I have created. The commissioner does not hold any rights over the art that has been commissioned
> If the client requests characters of IPs not belonging to them (e.g. fanart of existing characters), they are solely responsible for the use of commissioned work. The artist holds no responsibility for DMCA claims due to the use of copyrighted characters.

> Clients may commission a third party to animate the emotes as long as credit for the original artwork is given. 
> Clients may not claim, edit, correct, adapt, modify, change and / or redistribute the finished artwork in any way without permission from the artist.
> Please credit me as @minkyol on twitter


v. commercial use
Additional fees will apply if requested for Commercial Use
> All profits made from the use of my illustrations will belong to the commissioner unless agreed upon otherwise. If unsure, please contact minky at

> Price will increase if it's for commercial use (merchandise, buy out, etc.). If unsure if your commission requires commercial use, please contact minky at

> Commercial use will only apply when the artwork is the bulk of the product



1. DM me via Twitter or Discord (only applicable to returning clients)

2. I reply to your commission and issue a price in which the commissioner must agree on to continue.
3. Once everything has been agreed on I start on the sketches.
4. I send the sketch(es) to the commissioner. Once the sketch(es) have been approved, revisions aside from minor colour changes WILL NOT be accepted.
Please make sure you are happy with the posing and expression in the sketch. Changes after approval will be subject to extra charge. For instances of incorrect references provided, any completely new sketches requested will be subject to 50% fee of the original price. 
5. Once the sketch(es) has been given the OK from the commissioner, I will send them the invoice.
6. Once they pay the invoice I will finish the rest of the commission (lineart, colouring, etc.).
7. The final artwork and files will be sent to your provided contact (email/discord).
8. In the case where the commissioner asks for adjustments after I have finished your commission, there may be an additional charge. The charge is subject to change depending on the difficulty of the revision.

Please specify if you need time to pay

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